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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   How many days in advance can we reserve our tee-times?

A.   Most courses will accept reservations 5-7 days in advance.
Others accept 3 days. Ask the FGA operator about your selected club.

Q.   What are the hours for making a reservation?
A. Seven days a week:  
7 A.M-6:30 P.M., October thru May
8 A.M.-4:00 P.M., June thur September

Q.   I am a member of FGA. What is the policy for bringing guests?
A.   All guests (non-members) are welcome

Q.   Are the dining facilities at the golf courses available to FGA members and guests?
A.   All clubs are different. In many clubs, breakfast, lunch and dinner are accomodated
on the day you play golf.
To be sure, ask the FGA operator about specific facilities.

Q.   How do we order sports and entertainment discount tickets?
A.   Find the venue you’re interested in on this web site and
call the FGA operator to purchase.

Q.   I am not part of a group that belongs to FGA.  How can I join?
A.   Any group with a minimum of 10 people is eligible.
Click on the “How to Join” tab on this page.

Q.   I know that I can make a reservation for a foursome, but
how about a single, a twosome or a threesome?

A.   Absolutely, yes to all of the above.

Most Frequently Asked Question:

Q.   No one gives away anything for free. Why am I and my group able
to get FGA services for free and also play golf at many
private clubs that are generally for members only?

A.   FGA is the group membership arm of a large 22 year-old international company
which presently books over 200,000 tee-times a year in South Florida.FGA has contractual relationships
by and between our parent company and the various golf and country clubs which allow
for the in-kind services and benefits that FGA is offering to its members.


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